Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Firefox 2.0 VS Netscape Browser 8.1.2

Yesterday I download my previous browser, yeah Netscape Navigator, but it's now only named Netscape Browser. I really surprised that Netscape still has their own browser (as I know they founded Mozilla and then the project of Netscape Communicator become SeaMonkey project)

The differences between Firefox (version 2.0) is that Netscape browser doesn't has a restore session feature :(( but Netscape offer 2 nice and cool feature, they are:
  1. User profile
    We can have many user profile so each user has it's own bookmark, themes, setting, etc as is if we have 2 browser
  2. Display feature (can switch beetween Firefox or IE render engine)

Is Firefox will implement that 2 cool feature above in their next release?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lapindo Crisis & Crazy Idea

Whoa back again in my blog, whew.. it's a busy time for me now. This article is about my critism against Lapindo crisis in Indonesia, so I'll use Indonesian language to comment it, bacause my English is bad and I don't want any misunderstanding for Indonesian people who read this.

"Lumpur panas masih menyembur, tiap hari baca koran slalu masih belum selesai-slesai masalahnya. Saya ada sebuah ide gila hehehehe dibilang gila soalnya ide ini bukan muncul dari orang yang ahli pertambangan hehehe. Dulu saya pernah baca di koran atau di majalah kalau tidak salah, dimana waktu itu ada rapat NU dan konon untuk mengamankan rapat itu sampai memakai kekuatan jin. Nah bicara jin & jun ini hehehehe, kenapa bangsa kita yang kekuatan supranaturalnya sangat hebat (bisa mengalahkan FedEx, DHL, atau Tiki lho lihat aja kemampuan dukun santet kita, bisa mengirimkan barang dari jarak jauh dengan hanya mengetahui foto atau barang milik korban, LUAR BIASA!! coba bayangkan modal yang diperlukan hanya kemenyan tidak usah pakai pesawat, bus, atau armada lain yg mahal sekali hahahaha sebenarnya ini peluang bagus, coba kalau semua dukun bersatu dan mendirikan perusahaan logistik, pasti luar biasa, harga bisa murah 80%!!!! dan sampai dalam hitungan detik!!! udah gitu betul2 ciri khas Indonesia dan tidak mudah ditiru).
Bicara legenda candi prambanan yang dibangun hanya semalam dengan menggunakan bantuan jin, nah mengapa kita tidak memakai kekuatan jin tersebut? kita kerahkan saja mreka semuanya lalu dibuang di AS sana hehehehe jadi sekaligus jihad tercapai, sudah gitu tidak ada bukti lagi, radar AS tidak mungkin dapat mendeteksi jin yang masuk ke negaranya, win-win solution bukan? Bagaimana dengan anda?"

Thursday, November 09, 2006

AVG Free Edition

Today I talk with my friend with YM and he said that version 7.5 FREE can used in Win2k. Hmm... strange, why I cann't installed it in my home (stand alone Win2k) and get an error message that said about the license. I'll try again this night. Hope it can.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Business Layer Framework

I started to know about some business layer Framework (for .NET framework) last month. And the last month (until now) I learn about Mere Mortal Framework there is so many things that before I always confuse about how to make a 3-tier programming more fast, and the answer is the framework like this. With this framework we can save a lot of 3-tier stuff that we must do, but until now I still don't have an idea how to make it reverse (as you know this framework has a wizard that make it easy to create business layer step by step), I mean I can change the code in business layer later after the code generation by the wizard. The "change" here is a lot of change, for example adding new field or adding a new table with some rules and business logic.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition 7.1 vs 7.5

Yesterday I download the version 7.5 of AVG Antivirus Free Edition but I surprise when the version 7.5 is cann't installed on Win2k Server. Yes I think in this new version of AVF Free edition the company has a new concept of the word "FREE" :) So if you want to have the latest edition of AVG Antivirus for Win2k then you must pay it. Yes in this world nothing can be really free. Many company always release the free version just for reach more market share and to let the others people know their product & quality after that if the respons is good then they will completely paid product or they separate the free product and the paid product

Thursday, September 14, 2006

AppServ Project VS Apache2Triad

We can download this 2 open source project for FREE that bundled mainly Apache, PHP, MySQL into 1 Windows installer. But what is the difference between this 2 project (AppServProject and Apache2Triad)? Although the purpose of that 2 installer is the same but the AppServ Project is the subtitute for PHP Triad while Apache2Triad is for build a complex web content for Windows. It means their content is different. Here is the differences:

AppServ Project contain:
1. Apache web server
2. PHP
3. PHPMyAdmin
4. MySQL

Apache2Triad contain:
1. Apache web server (mod_perl, mod_ssl, mod_python, openSSL, AWStats)
2. PHP (Pear, Smarty)
3. PHPMyAdmin
4. MySQL
5. PostgreSQL
6. pgAdmin, phpPgAdmin)
7. XMail (PHPxMail, UebiMiau)
8. PHPsFtd
9. Perl
10. Python (spyce, wxPython)

Now if you want to download, you already know what program you want to download (base on your need)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Buddhism Way

In this 5 months, I read and hear many Buddhism textbook than before (I think before this, it's only in my "KTP" that said that I'am a Buddhism hehehe). After I know about the real Buddhism (Hinayana (Theravada), Mahayana, Tantrayana(Vajrayana)), I know why the Buddhism is not spread as fast as Christian or Islam. Buddhism doesn't judge that other religion is false and only through Buddhism you can safe your soul. The principle for a man that want to know about Buddhism is not a "faith" but "come, hear, watch, and inspect this Dharma, if this is the real thruth then you can believe in Buddhism" , this was what Buddha Siddharta Gautama said. You can imagine, this Buddhism is very democracy, and doesn't push someone to believe in Buddhism.

That's way I think that if many of human in this world know about Buddhism (may be just know about Dharma not believe 100% persen in Buddhism), they can realize many things in this world. After they realize, may be they can be more peace lover and doesn't make a war in the name of God.

Dharma is the philosophy from Buddha Siddharta Gautama about the absolute thruth.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

W32.Rontokbro@mm Virus

Today I test the free edition of AVG Antivirus for detect the W32.Rontokbro@mm virus, but this antivirus failed to detect although my virus base is the latest (release date: 30 May 2006). My Norton AV can detect this virus. In Indonesia this virus is very popular and some people say that this virus is created in Indonesia. I still test for some virus before I try to use this free AV, the good from AVG is it can be installed in NT based (Windows 2000, WinNT 4) and free. The update for virus definition are really easy to use.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Internet Dating - Its Not For Geeks

Six months ago an old school friend and I were chatting over coffee, putting the world to rights as women do. She was bemoaning her lack of success in meeting the "right sort" of men. I asked her if she had tried using an internet dating service, and the look of horror that quickly appeared on her face gave the instant answer - of course not! Internet dating, she informed me, was for the sad, desperate, geeky or freaky.

Sadly this type of response is typical of people from all walks of life. Why sadly? Because those who instantly dismiss such services are missing out on a great opportunity.

Want to know more about dating tips? See my new blog about this stuff in
Best Dating Tips

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Phenomenon

I think this novel and film is a big phenomenon in the 2006 and still has it's power for about 10 years later. Why? Because it's about the Jesus prophet and the bible. Vatikan already has a statement that prohibit the Christian's people to believe about that story that Jesus have a daughter and married with Maria Magdalena. It's a true story or just human story? Who's know? Why I can speak like this? Because some Christian's people believe this fact, and that's why Vatikan is very angry where this film/novel can be consumed by many people arround the world. The Christian (or the other) religion is based on one prophet, that's why their prophet must be holy prophet and every fact that want to discredit their prophet are always against by their zealot.

I also have a question that the bible that we know in this time, is it a true bible? Why I can think like this? When I was a child, there is one game that my teacher teach us, it's about "sentence game". Let me explain that game. The students is divide into 2 or more groups, one group consist of 5 or more sutedents and each student in one group is stand behind the other. Then the teacher give one long sentence (eg:My father go to the office with his blue honda mobile and in the pahlawan street there is one crazy people that stand in the middle of the street and then my father's driver hit the klaxon twice but that man doesn't notice, so my father's driver go out to that crazy man and told him to away from the street but then that crazy man run into my father's mobile and he ask for some money to my father and then he walk away after my father give him one thousand and thirty nine dollar) to one student that has the most front position (give him a paper that contain that sentence and that student must memorize in 20 seconds), then that sudent in the most position whisper to the next student behind him. Do this until the last student, then the last student in each group should speak loudly about that sentence. Usually that sentence become more short or miss something or added some words from the original sentences. What about the bible that has a history about 2000 years old, and the language are translated by many people to their mother language, is it possible if we lost something that people purpose or unpurpose to lost it. What about you?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Yeah... at last I finished it

Yeah, I already convert all of my blog to english, wew... a lot effort to make it happen ^_^ Now I hope many people can enjoy it and share your opinion with me and many people around the world.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Convert Job

From yesterday, I want to convert all my blog to English. Maybe you will ask me, why I do that. Well, let time answer your question. I also want to say thank you to all of you that give me a comment or support to my blog. I hope my blog can make your knowledge more and more go forward. Sorry for my bad English hehehe, but I will try hard to convert all of my blog. Thanks and always check my blog because there is something new for you :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Research Before We Buy

In Surabaya there is so much hypermarket like giant, hypermart, and carrefour. Their competition is also become more tight. The consequence they often compete to give lower price, and they also advertise their price in newspaper. But the question is, is it true that we can get the same price between the price in advertising and the reality in there? As customer, we must research because sometimes the price is not same that we look in newspaper. I personally have experience that the price in newspaper is not the same with the actual price from the label. Is it a cheat to inrease their revenue? Who knows?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Improve yourself

Improve yourself, I think we can answer it with "I already smarter than when I was 5 years old". Yes it's true, but it's only our knowledge. How about our personality? Does it improve than 1 or 2 years ago? I doubt we can do that in a short time. It's really difficult to change our personality for a short time, but if we can make it for more better personality, why not? In this life, we can reach success in career not just depend of our intelligent but also our personality. I hope we all can improve our personality as well.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lee Kwan Yew VS Gajahmada

According to the title, in this conversation I want to make Indonesian people remember that we ever had a great man called "Gajahmada" in the Majapahit kingdom (his position is like prime minister). There was a joke that Indonesia will go forth if there is 10 Lee Kwan Yew (was a prime minister of Singapore), but I can argue that only with 1 man is more than enough, that man is "Gajahmada" (when Gajahmada lead this country, the area of this country is more bigger than Indonesia). But now the question is, where we can find a man like Gajahmada in this country?

What's up I??

First I want to say sorry that this topic is still in Indonesian language, because this topic is about my opinion aboout my country and I want all of Indonesian people can read it clearly so I must write it with Indonesian language so all the Indonesian people can read it without misunderstanding.

"Mungkin anda bingung dengan judul di atas, saya sengaja mengambil dari judul album Agnes Monica yaitu "What's up A?" dimana huruf "A" disini untuk Agnes, tapi saya rubah menjadi huruf "I" untuk Indonesia. Kemarin saya membaca koran, dan membaca kalau Exxon mobile sebagai operator blok cepu selama 30 tahun. Banyak yg pro dan kontra. Saya sendiri sebagai pihak yg kontra. Akhir2 ini kita sebagai masyarakat baru tahu kalo ternyata banyak kekayaan alam di negeri ini yang dikuasai pihak asing (dari negeri barat seperti AS) dan hasilnya saya rasa juga banyak dikeruk untuk pihak mreka sendiri. Saya sebagai orang awam juga tidak mengerti apakah perjanjian tsb menguntungkan Indonesia atau tidak, tapi yang saya lihat negeri ini tidak maju2 dan selalu hutang kepada bangsa barat.

Yang saya ingin berbagi cerita disini adalah keanehan bangsa ini, waktu saya kecil saya suka naik sepeda keliling sekitar rumah saya, saya paling benci jika saat saya maen sepeda ada anak2 yang dapat embel2 pribumi mengolok2 saya sambil berkata Cina, Cina, Cina trus mereka melempar batu ke sepeda saya. Saya sebenarnya ingin berkelahi dengan mereka tapi sudah berapa kali orang tua saya menasihati kalau tidak ada gunanya malah2 kita sekeluarga akan berada dalam kesulitan, lalu saya nurut saja. Sampai saya masuk SMP ada istilah ospek, dimana hari terakhir semua harus mencium bendera merah putih, saat SMU juga sama. Tapi meski saya sudah SMP maupun SMU, kalau bersepeda lalu berpas-pasan dengan mereka anak2 yg mendapat predikat pribumi saya selalu mendapat olokan yang sama ditambah dengan kata2 "jan*uk". Yang saya tangkap disini adalah kebencian mereka terhadap etnis saya, yaitu etnis Tionghoa. Tapi saya tak habis berpikir, RRC tidak pernah menjajah Indonesia, yg menjajah adalah Belanda, AS, Jepang, Portugis, Inggris, Spanyol tapi dengan orang barat mereka anak2 itu bisa berkata "hello mister", "good morning" dengan bangganya (saya saksikan sendiri waktu itu ada orang barat yang melewati sekumpulan anak2 pribumi).

Sekarang saya ingin bertanya yang membuat Indonesia hutang juga mereka bangsa barat itu, kenapa malah orang yang tidak pernah menjajah mereka malah benci? ini adalah keberhasilan Belanda dalam menjalankan devide et impera (pernah ditulis juga di koran Jawa Pos mengenai hal ini). Bandingkan Indonesia dengan bangsa2 yang bisa menjadi besar seperti RRC maupun Korea Selatan, RRC tidak membenci orang Indonesia jika kita ke sana, tapi mereka memang membenci bangsa AS, Inggris, Jepang dan bangsa2 lain yang pernah menjajah tanah mereka (RRC dahulu pernah dibagi menjadi jajahan 8 bangsa). Bangsa Korea juga membenci Jepang karena tentara Jepang pernah menjajah dan memperkosa banyak gadis2 Korea. Saya rasa bangsa ini banyak dibodohi dan untuk membuka mata mereka adalah pendidikan yang benar dan sesuai fakta. Bagaimana dengan anda??"

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Customer Service

Yesterday arround 07.00 pm, I went to small restaurant near of my house. That restaurant is selling my favourite food there is "gurami bakar" ("gurami" fish), hmmm... yummy and the price is average and can take away. For the first time I go to there, I have a good impression, it's about their service because after I buying that food and want to go home, there is one waitress open the door and say thank you before I leave that restaurant, although there is no boss at the moment. It's a simple thing, but it has a good impression for me. When I came to that restaurant for the second time, I still have that special service (the waitress open the door and say thank you before I leave). I'm still impressed.

But when I came for the third time I did not have that special service again. I'm surprise but I just keep silent. When I came to that restaurant for the first and second time I didn't brought any stuff except that "gurami" fish, but in the third time I brought many stuff from the supermarket and I still had to open the door by myself. Wew... I really disappointed because the waitress only watched me (not trying to help me open the door).

From the real story above, we can think that service is really important if we want to keep a good relationship with our customer. But how about if we have a really bad customer? I think we can avoid it using a polite or diplomatic way.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Angry & Happines

What is happines? We feel happy if all things happen like we think. If it doesn't happen like we think we can angry or disappointed (in the other word we are not happy). But in this world when we live with many people, how can we make all happen like we think? Because of that, a man that always want to win all the things he wants is tend to not happy. If we can control our emotion and ambition (EQ) we will be become more wise. Recently I often see on newspaper there is so much EQ training for public. Actually EQ can be train by ourself if we have high motivation to change ourself to become more positive. If we angry for the right motivation then it has a positive benefit, but anger that only base on emotion will not make positive benefit. Anger can be controlled if our mind aware that we are angry about something. Yeah this is the most difficult part, anger that we can controll, so we still mindfull what words that we will say, reaction of the person that we angry because of him, why we need to angry, is it worth if we angry. With that practise ini, I sure we can controll our emotion (especially anger), so we can be more happy.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Handphone VS Rp 100

Today I think I want to talk about social politic in my country rather than computer stuff. Maybe it's refreshing of my boring day with computer, coding, and fixing hardware problem. Now in my country, many young people have handphone although some of them I think doesn't need handphone. But the handphone become a lifestyle. Everybody must have it, if they don't want to be "gaptek/kuno" or just for prestige.

I want to talk about a public facility called public telephone ("telepon umum") that we can see it on street. But in my country the goverment and some people doesn't care about public telephone (sompe people attempt to destroy that public telephone just for fun). It become a rubish. I really sad to see that, because when I was in junior high school ("SMP") and senior high school ("SMU") I often using that facility (public telephone) and many people still used it. The price is really cheap, with only Rp 100 we can talk for 3 minutes (compare to handphone GSM/CDMA).

In this article I want to focus about some people that destroy that telephone, why they do that? the public facility is destroyed by public. Doesn't they also need that cheap facility too?

Traffic jam, queue & amelioration

In Surabaya we always have a traffic jam :(( especially in office hour. But if we want queue then the problem (traffic jam) will gone, but we must patient to wait for our turn hehehe. What is the difference between traffic jam and wait for our turn? Both of them are due to bottleneck in street, but if we are in traffic jam we don't have a sureness when we can out from traffic jam, whereas if we queue we have a sureness that we can go although slowly. The ridiculous thing is many people know that there is a traffic jam because of some bottleneck in street but they don't want to queue contrariwise they want to go ahead from the left or right side so the more bottleneck in that street.

What is the relation between above story with corruption? Maybe there is no relationship, but I think there is a similiarity here, that is corruption is done because someone want to become instantly rich but the effect is our country not get more prosper in the other hand it make our country more slower to become a rich country so a corruption is the bottleneck. Solution? We must become an independent country, to become an independent country we must patient and always improve our people (education is the point). With a smart people we have a high consciousness as a part of country. If our country become more prosper, then we also have a prosper life (although not become rich person ^_^). What about you?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Marketing yourself

This is my personal opinion about we cann't escape from the word of marketing if we want to live in this world (including selling yourself hehehe), wait..... I mean not selling our body but how to make ourself valuable and has a selling point. For example, many people after graduated from university often confuse why they are rejected from a company which is they apply their application form. This problem happened when they doesn't have a strong selling point in skill, performace or good communication (including negotiation). This is similiar when we are looking for a girlfriend. In this case we look of the our girlfriend's selling point, which point is suitable with us, this is the same if we want to reach a girl that has a good selling point, we must look ourself. How about your selling point?

What's next in this small world?

Sometimes I often think what will happen in the future, and sometimes it become a reality.
For example when I was still in primary school (in 5 grade), I always thinking about car design, at that time a car had a "slim" body (didn't had aerodynamic body) and I think it's not a good design. Then, I ask to my father why it had a bad design? and why not follow the design of jetplane that I always saw from the cartoon movie? After 14 years, there is much car that have a wider body in the bottom (like Nissan Xtrail, Honda CRV, Toyota Fortuner, that now we called it SUV). If I bring my draft (when I was in primary school, I like to draw a car or plane according to my imagination) to Honda/Toyota, were they want to receive a primary school kid's design?? hehehehe. Sometimes a child is more imaginative than adult.

What about now? I think in the future the ability of gadget (like handphone) will increase so much with WebOS as the basis (not CiptOS ^_^). What about your dream?


In this article I want to talk about the prospect of the programmer job in Indonesia. Hmm.... I think in Indonesia, the level of programmer is still below the doctor profession, maybe they assume the programmer is the same with computer technician or AC techniciant or refrigerator technician hehehhee. When I was still in university I have ask to my lecturer about the fee of making inventory program which is consist of buying transaction, selling transaction, opname transaction, selling retur, buying retur, and this program only for single warehouse, single size & single currency with an ordinary report and omzet report. My lecturer say that it cost about 4 million rupiah!! But after I graduate, to sell that Inventory program for 4 million is difficult, if there is anyone want to buy from me about 3 million is very lucky for me, and there is a person or small company that sold 500 thousand only for inventory program. Yeah.. the price difference is too big, maybe the program that I sold is custom program and the cheapest one is a ready program that cann't be customized, but the fact told me that the cheapest one can also be customized. Hmm.... maybe we are now in the era of cheapest things + stable product + life time guarantee. So I must follow it or maybe in Indonesia especially in Surabaya we need a programmer community which is there is a regulation that control the software price so that we are not enter the unfair competition. So the standarisation is not only for coding but also in price. What about your opinion??

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hello World...

This blog using 2 language, first is Indonesia (because I’am born in Indonesia and still live in there) as the primary language, second is english. I hope I can write to this blog continuously. Sorry for my bad english, cause I still learning to improve my English.

House of Flying Dagger (Film)

Is there anyone that has been saw this film? From the story side, this film is good. This film has a setting at Tang dynasty where there was a rebellion that lead by a someone that nobody know his hiding place. His hiding place was known as The House of Flying Dagger, "flying dagger " mean their main weapon is a small dagger which can be thrown like a bumerang. The main actor/actress for this players are Andy Lau, Zhang Ziyi, and Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Something that really special from this film is the special effect for the artistic fighting and it has an art value, it's really a “Martial Art!!!” The fighting scene of this film is similiar with Hero (Jet Lee, Tony Leung, Maggie Chang, Donny Yen & Zhang Ziyi). I have seen this fighting scene more than once (same with Hero), my favourite fighting scene is the fighhting in bamboo forest. The fighting scene is more interesting than Jedi fighting in Star Wars.

Beside of that, the Zhang Ziyi dancing is really eksotic, and she also has cute face hehe, if I has a girlfriend like Zhang Ziyi I will stand forever in my house with her… (Oopss… hehehehe ^_^)

Oracle Magazine

Did you know that we can free subscribe for 1 year Oracle Magazine? Yes, it means we can receive FREE Oracle Magazine in front of your door. You can follow the link that I give in the link section in my blog. Or if you want to know anything else about oracle magazine you can try this link

Monday, March 06, 2006

The day in my office

Yeah today is monday, start to working again… Now I use VS.NET with the C# language, I use Oracle 9i as a backend database and Crystal Report 11 for reporting tools. All this stuff is a new "toys" for me, because I usually use Delphi 7 (my favorite language 4ever) and I only use that stuff for 1 client that request me to use that stuff. The most difficult things is connecting CR11 with VS.NET because if I click the refresh button in CR, my program will show an warning error. I think the problem is about CR.NET SDK. Anyone can help me??