Thursday, September 14, 2006

AppServ Project VS Apache2Triad

We can download this 2 open source project for FREE that bundled mainly Apache, PHP, MySQL into 1 Windows installer. But what is the difference between this 2 project (AppServProject and Apache2Triad)? Although the purpose of that 2 installer is the same but the AppServ Project is the subtitute for PHP Triad while Apache2Triad is for build a complex web content for Windows. It means their content is different. Here is the differences:

AppServ Project contain:
1. Apache web server
2. PHP
3. PHPMyAdmin
4. MySQL

Apache2Triad contain:
1. Apache web server (mod_perl, mod_ssl, mod_python, openSSL, AWStats)
2. PHP (Pear, Smarty)
3. PHPMyAdmin
4. MySQL
5. PostgreSQL
6. pgAdmin, phpPgAdmin)
7. XMail (PHPxMail, UebiMiau)
8. PHPsFtd
9. Perl
10. Python (spyce, wxPython)

Now if you want to download, you already know what program you want to download (base on your need)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Buddhism Way

In this 5 months, I read and hear many Buddhism textbook than before (I think before this, it's only in my "KTP" that said that I'am a Buddhism hehehe). After I know about the real Buddhism (Hinayana (Theravada), Mahayana, Tantrayana(Vajrayana)), I know why the Buddhism is not spread as fast as Christian or Islam. Buddhism doesn't judge that other religion is false and only through Buddhism you can safe your soul. The principle for a man that want to know about Buddhism is not a "faith" but "come, hear, watch, and inspect this Dharma, if this is the real thruth then you can believe in Buddhism" , this was what Buddha Siddharta Gautama said. You can imagine, this Buddhism is very democracy, and doesn't push someone to believe in Buddhism.

That's way I think that if many of human in this world know about Buddhism (may be just know about Dharma not believe 100% persen in Buddhism), they can realize many things in this world. After they realize, may be they can be more peace lover and doesn't make a war in the name of God.

Dharma is the philosophy from Buddha Siddharta Gautama about the absolute thruth.