Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Firefox 2.0 VS Netscape Browser 8.1.2

Yesterday I download my previous browser, yeah Netscape Navigator, but it's now only named Netscape Browser. I really surprised that Netscape still has their own browser (as I know they founded Mozilla and then the project of Netscape Communicator become SeaMonkey project)

The differences between Firefox (version 2.0) is that Netscape browser doesn't has a restore session feature :(( but Netscape offer 2 nice and cool feature, they are:
  1. User profile
    We can have many user profile so each user has it's own bookmark, themes, setting, etc as is if we have 2 browser
  2. Display feature (can switch beetween Firefox or IE render engine)

Is Firefox will implement that 2 cool feature above in their next release?