Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wine 1.0 is Released

After many years of development (about 15 years) finally Wine get it's 1.0 stable version. What is Wine? If you are not a Linux user, probably it's something new for you. This is a layer that bridge between Windows program and Linux OS. It's not a virtual machine like VirtualBox or VMWare but in my opinion it's like an emulator (although Wine is stands for "Wine Is Not an Emulator"), a layer that bridge Windows API with Linux API. It's not guarantee that all Windows program will run thorough Wine, but most of the popular program will run. The list of the program that wil run on Wine can be found here. Most of the program on that list is a game, yes a game!! Linux OS is leak of great games, most of the great games run on Windows, so maybe the first aim to develop this amazing software is to run Windows games on Linux!! But now it also can run other Windows program. You can start to download this amazing software in this link and try by yourself :) Happy Linux :)