Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Do you like MotoGP? Recently I enjoy watching MotoGP championship, I don't know it just flow in my blood :D I start to watch this sport on the end of 2007, if I'm not forget it's about september or october 2007. My favourite team is Repsol Honda :D because it has really eye catching color on their bike. The rider that I like is Dani Pedrosa, a small guy with big skill. Now I also like Davizioso (hope Pedrosa and Dovizioso will be in same team in Repsol Honda, don't like Nicky Hayden performace), I like how they ride the bike and the consistency that they make. This year and last year are a difficult season for Honda because now Honda is below their rival (Yamaha and Ducati) but I support Honda for developing pneumatic valve engine, hope their last engine string enough to battle with Yamaha and Ducati.

Casey Stoner also a special person that be the only man that can handle Ducati machine (GP8) the other rider in Ducati cann't show the same power like Stoner did. It's like the Stoner style is really matching with Ducati Desmosedici engine.

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